The easiest way to connect to your customers Digital Health Data

We simplified the complicated pipeline of data collection and provide all user’s digital data into one clean data structure.

All types of digital health data
Your customer or patient might be undertaking a host of different activities from physical activities, leisure time, work, yoga or others. We make sure that whatever the activity, we collect the data.
From all kinds of devices
Different activities might be measured differently from person to person. That's why we make sure that our platform covers all major device manufacturers.
And all major providers
The data collected by the devices will be stored on different platforms. That is why we make sure to connect to all major providers. In total, we connect to more than 175 providers.
Into a clean data structure
It is important for you to receive the data in a way where you do not have to spend time and resources to validate the data and transform it into a useable format. That's why our platform works with you to deliver the data in a format most relevant to your business.

What Diffrentiate us

Our design and architecture is optimised and validated for all levels of data and analytics.

Simple, Flexible and Robust

Easy user journey and a simple and adaptable API for integration to any health, wellness, insurance or medical platform.

Efficient and Economical at any Scale

Transparent pricing with flexibility for, both your scale and your ambitions.

Standardized across activities, biometrics, devices and providers
Global coverage and scalability
Secure and compliant with all applicable laws & regulations
Optimised structure for Big Data analysis
Fast and reliable data pipes with guaranteed data delivery